Future Events


There many exciting events planned in localy and in the county in the coming months.

Adventure Day

On 23rd June


Day of water sports and land sports followed by BBQ and ending with worship.


June 23rd is fast approaching and we are praying for a clear sunny day at Ennerdale.

Slum Survivor

@ Christ Church

In September


We held a Slum Survivor event in 2014 in St John's Church Workington. And we are planning a similar event but with an overnight stay.


The young people will be given some basic material and slum dollars. With which they have to build their slum. Arrange and invite to community for a soup and sandwich lunch to raise money and have a slum experience.


If you are interested please contact your youth leaders.

Question Time with the Police and Crime Commissioner!




Watch this space for an evening with the Police and Crime Commissioner Colonel Peter McCall

QM Club

@ Cockermouth and Keswick Schools

Tuesdays @ Cockermouth

Wednesday @ Keswick

Everyone has questions about God, religion, life and why we are really here. NISCU lunch clubs are a chance for you to ask your questions and share your thoughts! It’s not a Bible study- we play games, get creative, do dramas, have discussions (sometimes there are even sweets involved- but don’t tell your dentist that!!).



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