About Us


Wonder Youth Ministry is established to enable young people to;

Offer their praise to Jesus,

Nuture them in their faith,

Discover their purpose,

Enjoy the company of other believers,

Reach-out to non-believers.

Bringing the vision of Network Youth Church to Derwent

The average age of Christian, and particularly Anglican, congregations has risen noticeably in recent years and now threatens the long-term viability of the Church. A number of initiatives are being followed to reverse this decline including revitalising activities for younger children and work with young adults. The Network Youth Church initiative exists throughout the Diocese although it is more advanced in some Deaneries. FOr us we are trying to work through mission communities.


Wonder Youth Ministry is an innovative youth project in the Derwent Deanery working with Mission Communities, it aims to engage with broadly the teenage years up to school leaving age although children approaching secondary education and young adults are not excluded.


We want to see an active Network of Youth Church for young people, between the ages of 11 to 18, in the Binsey, Cokermouth and Keswick Mission Communities coming together in small groups to explore their faith and the relevance of God, study the scriptures, worship, participate in Christian outreach and have fun.

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We Want To

    Support young people through their secondary school and college years.

    Share the good news of Jesus.

    Help young people grow in their faith.

    Encourage active participation in Christian outreach and charitable activities.

Network youth churches will be based on the “3C’s” principle, which includes:

“Cells, Congregation and Celebrations”.