Welcome to Wonder Youth Ministry, an exciting youth project To reach out to young people by forming a Network Youth Church serving Cockermouth, Keswick and the surrounding villages between Clifton, Oulton, Threlkeld and Wythburn Mission Communitie

The "3C" Principle



“Cells” are any local groups such as youth groups, confirmation classes, bible study groups, etc. established for young people.





“Congregation” will occur when cells in each deanery come together for acts of worship compiled in whole or part by young people.



“Celebrations” will be mass gatherings of network youth churches from throughout the diocese.


Up and coming Event


Question Time with the Arbishop of York The Most Reverned John Sentamu.

Question Time

On the 9th of March 7.30 PM

@ Hundith Hill Hotel, Cockermouth

One of the Archbishop’s key areas of focus is supporting and encouraging young people in England.


“I have the highest admiration for young people and I believe very strongly that they are dreamers, they are idealists, they believe it is possible to make poverty history and to have a world without war and where there is no hunger. I want to be able to enable young people to change the world.” - Archbishop John Sentamu

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